Woozworld.com Website Review & Ratings + Woozworld Coupons
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Woozworld.com Website Review & Ratings + Woozworld Coupons

Woozworld : Products & Services

Woozworld is a gaming website for teens, tweens and kids. This site allows kids to show their creativity in a safe environment. There are no downloads needed to play in Woozworld. Boy and girls can both play. It is a virtual world where kids can create an avatar and play in a community with millions of other players. Players get to design their own virtual space, dress up their avatar, become a top model, throw parties and events, chat, meet new friends, find friends they know, and join contests. They can express their creativity and even become rich and famous.

Woozworld : Company Background

Woozworld was created in 2010. The CEO of Woozworld is Eric Brassard. Their headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec. They are owned by Tribal Nova, Inc. Woozworld is meant for kids ages 9-14. It is a virtual world and a social network for kids. Woozworld allows kids to participate and play interactively with other kids their age. They currently have over 1 million avatars in more than 80 countries.

Woozworld : Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are mixed reviews for Woozworld. Some customers said that it is confusing, others say there is cussing and sexual activity. Some say they don't like that you have to purchase real money. One customer said, "Really confusing and weird.". Another customer said, "I personally love it, but it's definitely not for younger kids. Make sure your kids know the dangers of sharing personal information over the web, cause you never know who you are talking to.".

Others love it, they say it is addicting. Some say that it helps kids learn different life lessons. Many say it is fun. One customer said, "You learn business skills as you can buy and sell items in "shop podz". I love the fact you can create four different characters in one account too!".

Woozworld : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Woozworld is not a Better Business Bureau accredited company. In fact, the Better Business Bureau has no company information about Woozworld at this time. The BBB also has not given Woozworld a rating, nor do they have any customer complaints on the website.

Woozworld currently has not had any major media coverage or certifications at this time.

Woozworld : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa traffic ranker shows Woozworld ranks 7,860 globally and 3,426 in the United States. They have a reputation of 390 sites linking in. About 54% of the page views are one page views, or bounces. This site is popular among females under 45 who have children, but no college education. They browse this site from home and school.

Google PageRank gives Woozworld a rating of 5 out of 10 possible points.

Woozworld : Social Media Presence

Woozworld has a Facebook page with 33,549 likes. They have fan art on this page and other fun stuff. They also have a Twitter with 16,192 followers. They have a blog called Mysteryz!. They do not have any other social media pages at this time. You can create a Woozen which is an avatar when you register.

Woozworld : Website Security & Safety

Woozworld does not keep any children's information unless there is consent of the parent. They do not collect or use any personal information unless the customer gives the information willingly. Please see the privacy policy for more information.

Woozworld uses generally accepted industry standards to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity.

Google Safe Browser does not currently list this site as suspicious. They are not currently hosted by any malicious software, and they currently do not have any viruses associated with this site.

Woozworld : Pricing & Packages

Woozworld can be played online for free, however, paying members are VIP and receive access to exclusive content, and privileges. They have packages for any budget. They offer one package with 80 wooz for $0.99. Some other companies that offer the same kind of virtual worlds have monthly costs, rather than smaller packaging.

Woozworld : Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping policies for this company, as they offer a service not products. There is no need for shipping as this is an online game that does not need to be downloaded. They do not need to ship or send anything to the customer. All games are played online and all that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

Woozworld : Payment Methods Accepted

Woozworld accepts all major credit cards. They will accept payments online and through SMS text. Also some retails sell Wooz (which is Woozworld money) using Wallie pre-paid gaming cards. They currently do not offer any other payment methods at this time. All wooz must be paid for at the time of purchase.

Woozworld : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

If you need to cancel an account, you must contact Woozworld directly. They do not list any return policies at this time. They do not list any restrictions to cancellation. Any cancellations must go directly to customer service. Once they receive the request for return they will give instructions for cancellation.

Woozworld : Product images & screenshots
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